If there is anything that unites people around the world, it might be the panel discussions on the nightly news. After all, people love a discussion that descends into some form of violence.

Around this time in 2015, a video showing an astrologer slap self-styled Godman Om Ji Maharaj on a panel discussion on IBN7 had gone viral.

Now, it’s the turn of panelists on a television show in Egpyt. The topic under discussion was whether Muslim women should wear headscarves. Sydney imam Mostafa Rashid and Egyptian lawyer Nabih al-Wahsh were the guests on the show.

Al-Wahsh did not appreciate something Rashid said on the issue and the conversation took a turn for the worse, to put it mildly.

Here’s how the very apologetic anchor explained what happened. He needed to look at the footage twice, because he was too distraught too understand what happened the first time round.