Over the last month or so, the recurring tech story has been of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone devices exploding. In the US, over a million of the devices have been recalled. In India, one caught fire in an overhead cabin on an airplane. The company is discontinuing the product. These call backs and bans could result in the gargantuan loss of $17 billion for Samsung.

The internet spoof army, on a constant look out for the next big meme, has latched on to the comic potential of these news stories about the exploding smartphones.

And so, the video above features the popular video game Grand Theft Auto, with one tiny difference. Instead of weapons, the lead character carries with him an endless supply of Galaxy Note 7 phones. Chaos ensues.

The one below is from the Eddie Murphy action comedy Beverly Hills Cop 2. It's not all that unrealistic either. Samsung has been offering fireproof boxes to return the Note 7 in.

Talk show host Ellen DeGenere decided to join the party too. An audience member claimed that none of the phones in her possession had exploded. Until...they did.

There has been a constant stream of jokes on social media.

And the suggestion of conspiracy.