Twenty sixteen might have been a terrible year when it comes to global politics and celebrity deaths, but story of nature was somewhat different. In November, star gazers got the opportunity to see the biggest, brightest moon for the first time in 68 years. Now, another stunning natural event has been captured by amateur photographer Karim Bouchetata.

On February 19, 1979, it snowed in the Sahara desert for 30 minutes. Now, 37 years, the incident has repeated itself. Bouchetata captured stunning sights of the red sand dunes of the desert town of Ain Sefra, Algeria blanketed with snow. A compilation of the images he shot in what is referred to as the “hottest desert in the world”, where temperatures can go over 58 degrees celsius, can be seen in the video above.

“It looked amazing as the snow settled on the sand and made a great set of photos,” Bouchetata told The Telegraph. “The snow stayed for about a day and has now melted away.”