When was the last time you made a new year resolution? And when was the last time you stuck to it?

We know the answers, don’t we?

But where do we go wrong with these resolutions? For some it may be inertia, while others may feel they lack the ability to make the change.

Don’t be discouraged, though.

This beautifully illustrated video titled Why You Can Change The World shows how our past shapes the way we approach ourselves and our problems. The solution also lies in history.

“The present has all the contingency of the past, and is every bit as malleable.”

Looking back may not be pleasant, but history certainly serves as a powerful reminder that through the generations, some individuals took those extra steps to change their society if they didn’t like it.

These are lessons learnt by our ancestors, and if understood right, our present actions can also define history for the future.

Produced by The School of Life, this video offers the courage to overcome inertia and indifference, and the inspiration to take that difficult first step towards change.

And whether we want to change the world or not, we can certainly change ourselves enough to stick to those new year resolutions.