You may not see a more mesmerising performance from a teacher this year. To teach his students the niceties of tenses in English grammar, this teacher dances his way through a recitation of the act of letter-writing, with (presumably) bemused students – some of whom can be seen smiling coyly – parroting after him:

“You don’t, you don’t write a letter; they don’t, they don’t write a letter; he does not write a letter; she does not write a letter...” There is a hypnotic quality about this form of teaching, which makes a mockery of modern pedagogy but simply cannot be ignored.

It’s true that the art of mugging, or the practice of learning by rote in Indian schools, has been bemoaned for ages. Even the country’s top schools suffer from what 80% of principals called the “rote learning crisis” of Indian primary education.

But who cares, when the teacher can be as energetic, as entertaining, and as compelling, as this one?