With self-driving cars and drone taxis, among others, we are moving closer to much of the high-tech transportation depicted in popular science fiction. It might not always work perfectly, but it always looks cool.

Hoversurf, a Russian startup, has now revealed a video of the world’s first fully-manned hover bike – and it looks straight out of your science fiction dreams. The bike is built using the drone platform Scorpion 3, which has also been used by Chinese company E-Hang for a fleet of flying drone taxis in Dubai. The hover bike can take a load upto 120 kilograms, goes at a top speed of 50 kmph, and travels at a maximum height of 10 metres.

Obviously, it isn’t ready for the market, but the day might not be too far.

Sure, social media had a field day with jokes, but think of the decongestion on the roads!