The dosa is no longer just the staple diet of millions from South India and many more from elsewhere in the country who love it. It is taking on new, sometimes, bizarre, forms – such as the, ugh, “masala dosa burgers”, revealed by McDonald’s in an announcement.

Stand-up comedian Kenneth Sebastian didn’t feel the need to talk about any of this. He simply cooked (up) a funny tribute to the simple things of the world, such as the dosa. “A peace-loving food.”

He even compared it to that other rice-based fetish-dish: biryani. No prizes for guessing who won.

 “Dosa is the only food that you could put the word plain in front of it and it is still appetising – plain biryani? No, thanks. Plain dosa? Yes, please”  

Gourmets may pay more attention to the quality of the batter, but for Sebastian, all one needs is “urad dal and love”. The simplest recipe in the world.

  “The universe puts in atmospheric pressure and makes it flat.”  

#DosaLove didn’t take much time to go viral on social media. Even though Sebastian suggested it’s made by people who haven’t bathed for two weeks. “No offence.”