On March 13, Priyanka Chopra got to introduce The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon to the wonders of Holi.

During an appearance to promote her television show, Quantico, Chopra revealed that she was homesick and missing the festivities back home. She even briefly explained what the festival all about: “Holi is the Hindu festival of evoking spring, celebrating spring, triumph of good over evil, and it’s just a big party with lots of colors,” she said.

She went on to brief Fallon on the basics of celebrating Holi. “You have colored powder and you colour each other,” she said. The talk show host shared a picture from a previous celebration and commented, “How fun is that? It’s like a giant rave.”

There’s more. Chopra even introduced Fallon to bhang and said “This special drink is made of milk and almonds and magical substances...which make you enjoy the colors a lot more.”

Fallon finally revealed a special surprise he had in store for the actress, a tray full of colourful paint and thandai (sans the magical substances, presumably).

The two then proceeded to paint each other’s faces with Chopra surprising Fallon with her enthusiasm. “Oh, my! You’re really going for it. What is wrong with you? I can’t even see!” he said, laughing as Chopra broke into a jig. “What are you doing? You are insane! You really went for it! You went for it, man!”