Jeremy McLellan is no stranger to offending the religious sensibilities of those who don’t find some things funny. His Jeremy McLellan show (video above) explores his unique brand of religious comedy. It covers his experience of being a Christian comic performing for Muslim audiences.

Ever since the American US stand-up comedian made a Facebook post about the self-styled “cow vigilantes” who killed a man in Alwar, Rajasthan, he has faced relentless criticism from Hindutva social media activists.

McLellan explains the philosophy of his comedy thus: “ make people feel like they are not going crazy. To make people feel not alienated or depressed or misunderstood, to understand their concerns, to laugh at the world and the ridiculousness of the situation.”

He also explains why Uber is the perfect app. “It was invented by a Jew so that when a Christian gets drunk, he can call a Muslim to come pick up him,” he said. “So it all works out very very perfectly.”

McLellan’s comedy in known to poke fun at religious absurdities and often covers controversial subjects. In the video below, he talks about police brutality, feminism, ephebophilia, marriage, and plantations.