After making an insanely viral rap-reggae ode to the cucumber, singer-songwriter Macka B is back with a celebration of the king of fruits and summer favourite in India, the mango.

Only, its lyrics often sound more like an marketing catalogue.

The Jamaican musician’s rap eulogises the virtue of everything about the mango: from taste – “sweet, gonna make you lick your teeth” – to health benefits – “good for skin, helps your complexion”, and “even a type of cancer prevention”.

Isn’t that a little...pedantic, though, for something so succulent as the mango?

In an interview, the viral sensation-maker explained the meaning behind his use of food in songs, a push for clean living. “It’s a mindset really – you can change the taste when you realise something is good for you,” he said. “You have to look at your food like medicine, and not worry about taste all the time.”

Are you listening, Baba Sehgal?