Eating a juicy burger without spilling half of its innards on the plate, the table, the sofa, or just about anywhere, is hard. McDonald’s has hit upon an ingenious solution to the problem – the Frork.

It is a fork with French fries as the prongs. You’ve always used your fries to mop up the “topping droppings” that ooze out as you bite into your burger, right? Now, you can use this cutting edge design cutlery to do the same thing. It will be unleashed on the world by participating outlets on May 5.

The Frork is part of McDonald’s new Signature Crafted burger recipes that include the Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ Bacon and Maple Bacon Dijon burgers. The glories of the device are laid out in a hilarious video starring pitchman Anthony Sullivan and McDonald’s chef Michael Haracz. Both go on to demonstrate the advantages of using the Frork in a shout-out to America’s colourful infomercial tradition.

The Frork has been described as “uselessly useful” and “fundamentally superfluous”, but its “ergonomic design”, as the infomercial says, is bound to be a big draw. Twitter, meanwhile, had its own take on the Frork.