For this hair stylist, his client’s head is a canvas.

If it’s a regular haircut you’re looking for, Roberto Perez is not the guy to go to. But if having your favourite celebrity’s face designed on your head sounds appealing to you, then head right down to San Antonio, Texas.

Perez – a “hair artist” who goes by the name “Rob the Original” – takes his art seriously. Using nothing but his client’s crop of hair, he creates hyper-real portraits of famous personalities, or even complex graphic designs. Be it a portrait of Salvador Dali, Steve Jobs, Bruce Lee, Batman’s Joker, or simply an intricate graphic design, he can replicate it all, and in full colour, too.

Perez’s dream was to become an artist when he moved to San Antonio. He decided to complement it with his professional barber skills, coming up with his own form of art and changing the way people look at haircuts. His art attracts people from all over the United States who fly to his salon to get these illustrious haircuts. But Perez’s creativity knows no bounds, it seems. According to his website, he continues to experiment with different elements for creating art, like salt, wood stains and even things like dust on cars.