The very idea of vegetable biryani (sic) has been known to spark outrage and disbelief among staunch biryani lovers. How could it have left Adolf Hitler unaffected?

There is a particular clip of a Hitler rant from the 2004 film Der Untergang (The Downfall) that has been a popular medium for parody videos about everything under the sun. In the video (above), the dictator takes on “South Indian” restaurants in a different (parody) clip from the same film.

“I don’t understand what the f**k is a veg biryani. Such a disgrace to all the biryani lovers,” starts off Hitler, launching into an impassioned rant.

After this, he denounces, among others, vegan “foodies”, the exorbitant VAT and taxes charged at restaurants, and cardamom. The pivot of the video, however, is Hitler’s animated rage at restaurants charging for extra chutney and sambhar. “Ridiculous!” he howls, adding, “How am I supposed to finish a paper dosa with a single bowl of sambar?”