Apple may be a pioneer in the field of technology, but perhaps the company should have stayed away from attempting scintillating television. Its first original reality show, Planet of the Apps – the tackiness of the name serves as a fine warning was released in June to absolutely terrible reviews from critics and Apple’s loyal fans alike.

The video (above) is a scathing summary by The Outline of all the feedback the reality show has seen so far. It points out that the main reason behind the miserable failure of the show is “dubious ethics, terrible advice, heavy-handed branding, and the sense that no one knows what the hell they’re doing”.

The premise: entrepreneurs have to pitch apps for Apple products in an “escalator pitch” – a take-off on the old elevator pitch – which in this case is literally a minute-long ride on an escalator during which the developer must present their idea and gain the judges’ approval. The panel of judges, which consists entirely of celebrities, then decides if the developer is fit to meet venture capitalists to fund the app.

The Apple trailer for the show (below) called the judges “the world’s most culturally influential entrepreneurs”. But whether Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gary Vaynerchuk (who themselves have designed questionable products) – are credible candidates to judge a show of this sort is one of the (many) arguments going against it.


Critics across the country described the show as “tepid”, “tedious”, “boring and self-indulgent”. Business Insider called it an “unintentionally comical train wreck” and said that “the real shame here is that Apple has produced nine more episodes.”