The Late Show with Stephen Colbert recently took its Trump criticism to another level, introducing a brand new segment: the “Trump Attacked Me on Twitter” Hall of Fame. The inaugural ceremony (video above) saw Morning Joe’s hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinksi winning the honours.

The seven-time recipient of Trump’s Twitter rampage, Brzezinksi is the first inductee of this Class of 2017 Hall of Fame. “This is truly an honour of a lifetime,” she says, as she accepts the award from her co-host, Scarborough.

Comedian and political commentator John Oliver is the third member who’s been inducted in this special tribe. Oliver has been at the receiving end of some of Trump’s Twitter rage as he has often called out the United States President’s inappropriate behaviour. Trump once tweeted: “John Oliver had his people call to ask me to be on his very boring and low rated show. I said “NO THANKS” waste [sic] of time & energy!”

Except, Oliver says that is complete lie. “...It was very odd to be on the receiving end of a lie that was that confident from someone who is now president. We never asked him,” he said. “So it was a total lie, and a meaningless lie. In fact a lie so meaningless, it almost becomes meaningful. Because what kind of moron would lie about something this pathetic?” But being inducted in The Late Show’s new Hall of Fame, he will “cherish it as a truly horrible memory,” he said in the video below:


Just recently, Trevor Noah and The Daily Show foundedThe Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, a museum which had visual installations and interactive exhibits documenting Trump’s colourful Twitter journey.