“My name is Rahul and I’m not a Gandhi.” Say hello to stand-up comedian Rahul Subramanian, who insists that, unlike the Congress leader, his jokes are intentional.

Then he makes a very relevant observation in his new video (above): at a time when everyone seems to get offended about everything, and even comedians are increasingly being persecuted for “offensive jokes” about political figures, humour related to the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi remains the sole exception.

“Even Sonia Gandhi sends WhatsApp jokes,” he quips to the audience’s thunderous approval. “And that’s a sign of a true politician, who can take jokes on himself.”

At the other end of the political spectrum, he observes, is “He Who Must Not Be Named” – the one who no one can make a joke about. He describes it as a “56-inches chest clash”. But that is not all – there is also an in-between. “Beech mein you have Kejriwal. On odd days, you can make jokes about him, on even days you cannot,” he jokes about the Delhi Chief Minister’s Odd-Even programme to curb pollution in the city.