If you are the kind to get jumpy when you spot a spider or a lizard anywhere near you, this story will make you heave a sigh of relief (and shiver a little).

Journalists from Channel Nine in Darwin, Australia, were not prepared to become the news when they came into work. But they found a snake hiding behind their computers. One woman, however, stepped up to deal with the situation. She used a wire to get the snake out of its spot, holding it in her hands as she tried to safely release it in a shopping bag.

One of her colleagues, Kate Limon, filmed the incident that took place on July 30 in one of the editing suites. She said, “There was plenty of screaming on my end too, don’t you worry about that.”

She told a local newspaper, NT News, that she considered calling a snake catcher until it struck her that the station’s programme manager is a wildlife warrior. “She lives on a property and wasn’t scared at all. In her bloody floral dress and heels – she put us all to shame,” she said.