What if we told you there’s a sculpture in your coffee? Singapore-based 17-year-old student Daphne Tan can make it happen, with foam sculptures on lattes that look so good you never want to drink the coffee. The jiggly 3D art comes in the form of cats, sharks and giraffes, pop culture and cartoon characters like Storm Troopers and Snorlax.

Happy National Day!

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The sculptures are made of milk froth, using soy milk and a Nespresso frother, while the designs are completed using just two spoons, bamboo skewers, natural food colouring...and very, very steady hands.

it's a MINIon

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Tan started experimenting with foam last year after she attended a coffee appreciation class in school, and eventually became an online sensation on Instagram, where she posts pictures and videos of all her foam art.

The art comes at a price though – each sculpture takes about 30 minutes to complete, so be ready to drink some lukewarm coffee.

Pulled an all nighter 2 nights ago so this has been my spirit animal for the past 2 days

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