American rapper Logic’s new number from the album Everybody makes its theme evident right from its title – 1-800-273-8255 – the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the United States.

The song isn’t just about suicide prevention, though. Featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid, the rapper’s new song expresses the struggle of a homosexual boy as he faces bullying and condemnation from his peers and family.

“I feel like I’m out of my mind.
It feel like my life ain’t mine.
I don’t wanna be alive,
I just wanna die today.”

The video (above) is a coming of age story of a gay African-American teenager, played sensitively by Coy Stewart, showing how he comes to grips with his sexuality. It isn’t easy. Don Cheadle plays his homophobic father, while the teenager’s love interest is portrayed by Modern Family star Nolan Gould. Stewart, as the vulnerable teenager, sinks into a dark space, his father’s gun in his hand, as he contemplates suicide. And then he dials a number that changes his life.

Writes Logic about the song: “....In the second verse we then hear words from the perspective of the hotline operator who in turn gives them many reasons to keep fighting for their life. Expressing that this act is a permanent solution to a temporary situation.”

The tone of the track towards the end turns as sunny as the beginning was dark, full of hope and joy.