Comedian and life coach JP Sears has figured out the key to a happy life. In the latest video in his satirical Ultra Spiritual comedy series, the author of How to be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority says it plain and clear, several times over: It’s all about knowing how to make everything about you. Play it like a trump card, he says, even if it’s a bad thing, because “how else are you going to feel important?”

“When someone has the nerve to be so self-centred that they’re focused on something else, that’s my cue to contribute to humanity by getting them to focus back on me,” he says with a perfectly straight face. Wondering how to ride the “ultra-spiritual” bus? Here’s how: “My astronomically high level of self-worth gives me the humbleness that I need so that I can make everything about me. When I succeed at making everything about me, it means I am everything. And I think that’s the heart of spirituality.”

The deadpan humour is his USP, very helpfully on display in his previous videos which have taught people how to be more addicted to their phones, win people’s approval, or even get offended, while parodying new-age beliefs like veganism and the focus on everything gluten-free.