The Zoppé Family Circus is not your run-of-the-mill circus troupe. They know what they’re doing; for they’ve been perfecting their craft for more than 175 years now. The video (above) by the Great Big Story shows how seven generations (and counting) of the Zoppé family have dedicated their lives to performing at the circus.

Giovanni Zoppé, lead clown from the classic family circus, sheds some light on the family business: “There’s nothing fancy about what we do here. It’s magic, real magic.”

Originating from San Fior in Italy, Giovanni and his family now travel in the United States to entertain children and families. “When we come into this ring, we become family. I believe circus and family are the same world,” he declares.

Zoppé says he never considered any other profession: “This is my life. Growing up, the circus was normal to me. I can’t imagine growing up in a house, going to a regular school every day. Now my children are doing that, because times have changed.”