A year ago, it seemed that at least a few Americans were alarmingly unaware of the nuclear threats posed by North Korea. At least, that’s what talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel discovered (above) when his crew hit the streets.

“If you ask people a question in a cheerful enough manner, we Americans will offer congratulations for just about anything,” said Kimmel as he opened the segment on his talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

This is how people responded when told: “North Korea announced that they were finally able to successfully detonate a hydrogen bomb. The world is excited and people are sending in their congratulations.”

  • “You know I think that if you do believe that one day you can, your dreams can come true.”
  • “Good for them!”
  • “You just got to stick to your dream, and anything can come true.”
  • “Congratulations, North Korea. This is awesome.”

Some respondents even gave North Korea and Kim Jong-un virtual high-fives.

Just last month, as Amercia’s tensions with North Korea began to escalate, Kimmel’s team went out on the streets and asked passers-by to point to where that country might be on a world map. The results were... astounding. Watch below: