Very few TV journalists command the kind of audience Ravish Kumar used to for his weekly show on NDTV India “Ravish Ki Report”.

The comedy group, The Screen Patti, have tried to parody both the show and journalist in Rabish Ki Report (above) in which he “goes out to hear the feelings of today’s youth which he feels is being deprived of their fundamental rights” at, wait for it, a bachelor party.

The video opens with a poetic refrain from “Rabish Kumar” ,who stands in a suit with Kumar’s recognisable hair style and a mike, speaking in Kumar’s signature Hindi. It then cuts to a montage of Rabish acting out familiar scenes from the original series, until he finally arrives at the party.

Rabish addresses the bachelors’ woes – which range across relationship politics, drunken fights, and the use of disposable glasses. And at the end, because no one can forget him, “Arnub” of “Republicity” channel makes a brief, albeit inexplicable appearance, claiming, “There is only one voice of the nation and that is me. Rabish, I am coming for you.”