Since most of the news coming from the United States tends to be about President Donald Trump, television host Conan O’Brien took it upon himself to educate Americans about what’s been happening in the rest of the world on his show Conan. And comedian Vir Das (video above) was the man for that job. “You’ve very generously given me five minutes to talk about seven billion people,” Das huffs, to which Conan retorts: “It’s now actually 4 minutes and 30 seconds.”

In a segment titled “News From the Rest of the World”, Das peppered his act with trademark one-liners. “I’m from India and we have 1.3 billion people. That’s like four Americas,” he quips, and adding, “Without Florida, you’re welcome.”

Das continued with the American connection by talking about ISRO, the Indian space organisation which is “like NASA but with less Indians” and the PSLV-C37 mission that launched 104 satellites into space. “And fun fact: 96 of them were American satellites,” Das said. “It’s not just your taxis and Ubers, even your satellites can’t get place to place without us.”

As for Africa and the fact that 30% of the world’s natural resources are to be found on that continent, Das said: “Black people may or may not be attending the Oscars but they will be manufacturing it.”