Besides fiddling with a fidget spinner, eating pudding and of course handling the daily operations in zero gravity at the International Space Station, astronauts have shot incredible footage of planet Earth in all its glory. Now these visuals have come together in a remarkable way in a new music video (above), released by NASA’s Johnson Space Center, for The Sound of Silence performed by Disturbed.

Beginning with a shot of the sun rising over the horizon, the video captures Earth from the perspective of the slow-cruising ISS. The deep blue oceans, the snow-capped mountains, the great expanses of deserts, and the endless labyrinth of cities are all covered.

Naturally, none of these is a view we can expect to get from the surface of Earth. Add to that the dazzling auroras dancing in the sky as the ISS passes right above it in low-Earth orbit. Days change to night and vice versa, a blanket of clouds looms over a city (look closely to spot lighting jumping from cloud to cloud) and there are many stunning images of diverse landforms.

The footage and photographs were captured by astronauts Sergey Ryazanskiy, Paolo Nespoli, and Commander Randy Bresnik.