Visitors to a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, were in for a (literally) big surprise soon after they arrived on January 14. Having just reached, they hadn’t yet locked the vehicle. Next next thing they knew, their car horn was blaring. A baby bear was trapped inside the vehicle.

Tanya Young, a part of the group, recorded the entire incident on camera (videos above and below).

The baby bear was apparently enticed by the smell of dog treats and climbed into the unlocked car in search for food. As luck would have it, the door shut behind him, locking him inside. Once the time the humans realised what had happened, they noticed another baby bear standing behind the car and a much larger – presumably mother bear – one standing a few feet away.

The cub tried its best to get out, but could not, after which onlookers stepped in to rescue him. No one was injured, but the interiors of the car had been ripped up by then.