Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi’s financial scandal involving Punjab National Bank and other banks is not the first of its kind in the world – and won’t be the last. The opacity of banking and finance, and the collusion with political forces, has long been in place – as this hilarious clip (above) from Yes Minister – from the episode titled The Quality of Life – reminds us.

The process of granting loans is given an uproarious twist in the short segment below from Monty Python. For once, you can’t help feeling this is what the banks who lent money to India’s infamous corporate defaulters should have insisted on.


Not surprisingly, satire has had a field day on social media. With so many investigators busy “Finding NiMo”, journalist and social satirist Akash Banerjee posted the video below on twitter, highlighting why “Nirav Modi is my new icon.”

Several Twitter users have also been circulating an edited video of one of Nirav Modi’s jewellery advertisements, claiming it was a “sign” of what was to come.

On social media, the joke videos are flying thick and fast. Naturally.