On Monday, this video of what appears to be a young man stabbing a woman in a clothing shop began to do the rounds of Indian social media accounts, with speculation that the murder took place in a mall in Andheri, Mumbai. The rumours could have been fuelled by a questionable report on a website called Only Headlines, which claims the CCTV camera footage in the video was from Andheri’s Citi Mall.

Within hours of the video going “viral” in Mumbai, the police station near the mall was flooded with media queries. “Nothing happened here. That video is from Sri Lanka,” was the tired response of a police official when called to verify the facts. As it turns out, the undated video is actually from a clothing store in Colombo’s Wattala suburb, where the murder allegedly took place on June 23. While English-language reports could not be found, the English headline on this Sinhala report claims that the case is of a “boy stabbing his girlfriend 13 times” in a Wattala shop.