The students from Parkland High School who survived the mass shooting in February have become the most impassioned advocates for gun control in the US. This time they have aimed directly at the National Rifle Association and their spokesperson Dana Loesch – with a parody (video above).

Sarah Chadwick, a Parkland student, responded to Loesch’s controversial advertisement (below) for NRA TV in which Loesch threatened the media and anti-gun protestors, “Your time is running out”.

The response? A precise remake of the original advertisement , except that instead of addressing it to “every lying member of the media” and “every Hollywood phoney”, the student addressed it to “every spokeswoman with an hourglass who uses free speech to alter and undermine what our flag represents.”

Chadwick hit back at each of Loesch’s statements with a biting statement of her own. Where Loesch threatened enemies of the gun lobby, Chadwick put the spotlight on anyone opposing gun control. “We’ve had enough of the lies, the sanctimony, the ignorance, the hatred, the pettiness, the NRA. We are done with your agenda to undermine the safety of our nation’s youth, and the individual voices of the American people.”

“Your time is running out,” she said, echoing Loesch’s words from the advertisement. “The clock starts now.”

The parody also doubled as an advertisement for March For Our Lives, a large-scale, nationwide protest organised by the Parkland students for gun control.

For a direct, line-by-line comparison, watch the video below: