This store in New York City has found an alternative and creative way to get rid of gender binaries, and to create a space that is gender neutral.

The Phluid Project is the world’s first “gender free” clothing store that doesn’t have designated departments for men or women’s clothing. Apart from fashion, they sell make-up, gifts, and toiletries all without the label of male of female. Everything in this store is meant for all genders.

Rob Smith, the owner of the store says, (video above), that while the binary will continue to exist despite becoming dated, a neutral space like his store can co-exist at the same time. Smith who has previously worked for power house brands like Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret said in this interview, “Phluid allows a space for young people to be free and have a voice in a real tangible space. As a young person I would have really wanted this space for myself”.