It is the year 2018 and the internet has been overrun with troll armies, fake news and hoaxes. And the regular citizen must fight their hardest to seek the truth.

A few years ago, those two sentences would have sounded like the introduction to a video game. Now, after the recent Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal, they’re truer than ever.

Still, it might take some figuring out for most of us. To help is understand, here’s East India Comedy, whose Sahil Shah rightly points out at the very beginning, “If you’ve had an kind of opinion about India, nationalism, cows, Kashmir, BJP, RSS, shorts, Aadhaar (and so on)... chances are, you’ve been attacked by a bunch of trolls.”

Watch the video above for the rest, and wait to find out how Shah suggests you tackle the situatio, without giving up your freedom of speech.