The next time you’re feeling down and weary, just grab a hula hoop and go crazy with it. If you don’t have one, or don’t know how to use one, all you need to do is imagine one.

It does sound crazy – how is a hula hoop, especially an imaginary one, ever going to lighten up anyone’s mood? Well, just take a look at the video above and you’ll understand. Apparently, pantomiming hula-hooping is all you need to have fun and to be the “happiest lady in China”.

The video is a music video for Khruangbin, a Texas-based trio that plays psychedelic funk. The name of the song, Evan Finds the Third Room, is as meaningful as the lyrics that go with it. The band told NPR that the lyrics are just “one big pile of inside jokes”.

The video, however, is a delight. Josh King, the director of the music vide, said, “We found the happiest lady in China. We told her that you don’t need a real hula hoop to have fun. She agreed.” After watching the video, which is as absurd as it is charming, even we agree.

Evan finds the Third Room is from the band’s latest album Con Todo El Mundo. Coincidentally, if you enjoyed the music, we have some good news – the band is touring India in May (unfortunately without Han Li, the cheerful woman in the video).