It is a busy time for the White House right now, especially with May 12 right around the corner, which is the deadline for President Donald Trump to re-certify the Iran nuclear deal. At the moment, it’s a situation of “will he? won’t he?”

“That is not a good sign for the Iran deal, because whenever there is a “will he, won’t he” question regarding Trump, you can pretty much guarantee that he will pick the worst possible option,” said talk show host John Oliver, on Last Week Tonight (video above).

The latest episode of the show tackled Trump and the Iran deal, with Oliver taking a look at what the deal is, why Trump hates it so much, and what’s likely to happen if he kills it.

Trump has been highly vocal about his opinions on the Iran deal, which have varied across the range of “terrible, a catastrophe, stupid, insane, incompetent, horrible, horrendous and one of the dumbest and most dangerous misjudgements ever”. However, people haven’t paid much attention to the Iran deal which, if it died, could have huge lasting consequences on the entire world (including a potential nuclear arms race in the Middle East).

Oliver quickly recapped the terms of the nuclear deal for those not paying attention, the turbulent history between US and Iran, and the “potentially irreversible” damage that may result from the deal dying. The comedian also dismissed some of Trump’s misconceptions about the deal and, with the help of his beloved, recurring character Catheter Cowboy, told Trump, “Don’t do it, Donald, don’t do it. Don’t blow up the Iran deal.”