Identifying – and calling out – fake news is a prerequisite for sanity in today’s world, especially if you’re on Whatsapp or social media (and who isn’t?). Else, we’ll live in a world of mangled history, concocted quotes, Photoshopped images, and currency notes with embedded chips.

That’s where the video above (it’s in Hindi) by the Soch Project, which is a YouTube channel that “aims to empower Indians with fact-led information on issues that matter”, comes in. And hosts Mohak Mangal and Shikhar Swarup make an attempt to spot and deal with fake news, using real-life examples that almost everyone will recognise.

Mangal and Swarup aren’t the first, of course. Others like Pratik Sinha of AltNews, East India Comedy, internet games, and several more, even some children, have tried to explain the impact of fake news and how to tackle it.