Apple’s annual show for all its app developers is usually not as exciting as its yearly presentation of new devices. Still, WWDC 2018 had a lot to offer for users of all Apple machines – phones, computers and watches – because it unveiled new versions of its operating devices for all of these.

The aspects that matter the most to people who do not develop apps for Apple devices – for whom the conference held on Monday was primarily meant – are the changes brought to iOS in its next version, available this autumn, called iOS 12.

It was a long presentation, but YouTube user sakitech trimmed it down to about 12 minutes of the things that will change the way you deal with your iPhone (and iPad). The video reveals the details, but here’s one spoiler: notifications – which constantly ruin the lives of iPhone users by popping up on their screens all the time – can now be controlled very, very simply. For the rest, watch the video.