Superwoman aka Lilly Singh is right. The internet is a great place, except when people are being nasty. For instance, by being homophobic.

So, Singh has posted a video taking homophobes to task, shutting down their arguments one by one (video above). And she did this all with her usually doses of sarcasm, irony and sass. Like when she said, “I don’t really like the term homophobic. It implies that you have some sort of ‘phobia’ whereas I think you’re just a jerk.”

She also had a piece of advice for the LGBTQ community-hating folks on the internet: “I know it’s scary, but if you opened your mind half as much as you opened your mouth, we’d all be in a better place.”

As a finishing touch, Singh prescribed a bottle of “common sense”.

“Please take two tablets daily... Side effects may include minding your own damn business.”