How do you respond to the argument presented by America’s National Rifle Association and US President Donald Trump that “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun”?

Weaponising satire instead of stupidity, comedian Michelle Wolf offers a handy guide in The Break with Michelle Wolf (video above) in the form of a mock introduction to the workplace. The idea to be a “great guy with a gun” who, in the face a shooting or terrorist attack in the workplace, can protect everyone and eventually become the star of a Christopher Nolan film based on their own story. Wolf provides a detailed guide to accomplishing this.

The trick is to “simply fire your gun with goodness in your heart and the bullets will hit only the bad guys!” Of course, in the triumphant aftermath of your Die Hard-inspired heroic stunts, you must be prepared with dance moves when you appear on The Ellen Show and hold out for an interview with Vanity Fair. And you must definitely insist on starring in the lead role in your own “Italian Neorealism-inspired” film.