A group of researchers from New York University, working in eastern Greenland, recently captured on video the moment a huge iceberg broke away from a glacier. This phenomenon, called calving, is a direct outcome of global warming, which some world leaders are in denial of.

The event began on June 22 and took place over approximately 30 minutes (the video was condensed to show the entire process in 30 seconds). According to a press release by the New York University (NYU), the resulting iceberg, which broke off from Greenland’s Helheim Glacier, would stretch from lower Manhattan up to midtown New York City – about six kilometers.

Denise Holland, the researcher who filmed the event, the logistics coordinator for NYU’s Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory and NYU Abu Dhabi’s Center for Global Sea Level Change said, “The better we understand what’s going on means we can create more accurate simulations to help predict and plan for climate change.”