Flying cars have featured in many books and films over the years. Are they about to invade real life?

Consider the vehicle named BlackFly, unveiled by the Palo Alto-based firm Opener. Founder and CEO Marcus Leng calls it a “personal aviation vehicle”, however, rather than a car, primarily because it doesn’t have wheels. Another thing it does not have, apparently: the need to have a pilot’s licence.

According to Opener’s website, the BlackFly can travel up to 25 miles at a speed of 62 miles per hour. Of course, the vehicle is completely electric. The company claims it requires even less energy than electric vehicles on the road, and makes less noise. The vehicle can take off and land on both land – ideally, grass – and fresh water.

According to Alan Eustace, a member of the company’s board of directors, told CBS that the average person can learn to fly a similar vehicle after five minutes in a simulator. “It’s no longer technology standing in the way but rather regulations governing flight,” he said.

The first models may be moderately expensive, but eventually, the BlackFly is going to cost the same as a typical SUV.