It’s been a few weeks now, and everyone is officially sick of the “Kiki Challenge” or the “#InMyFeelingsChallenge”, including the police. It seems like pretty much everyone on the internet has danced (often foolishly dangerously) to Drake’s single In My Feelings, from farmers in Telangana to the lady in the video at the bottom.

But then Baba Sehgal happened.

If you know Baba Sehgal and his recent internet resurgence, not much of an explanation is required. He just executed a signature Baba Sehgal on the Kiki Challenge and released a Hindi cover of the single (video above).

The lyrics, in keeping with his usual poetry, are largely nonsensical. Sehgal sings in the chorus, “Kiki kyun pilai, tune shaam ko, woh chai pheeki.” We’re not sure what his intention with the song is, but this certainly seems like a good note on which to be done with this challenge once and for all.