You could call it a battle of unequals. The reigning champion of YouTube channels on the basis of subscribers is PewDiePie aka Felix Kjellberg, a Swedish content creator who focuses on video game reviews for the most part. His current subscriber count is upwards of 65.8 million.

The challenger to PewDiePie (who was in the news some time ago for a Twitter skirmish with Balaji Telefilms founder Ekta Kapoor) is none other than the Indian music label T-series, whose subscriber basis has remarkably more than doubled from 30 million in January 2018 to within touching distance of the Swedish YouTuber.

An individual, in other words, is defending his position against a large corporation. And according to the predictive algorithm on, T-series will have overtaken PewDiePie by November 2018.


PewDiePie says he is thrilled to finally have some competition, and is not accepting defeat. In the video above, he challenges T-series to a sabre fight. The best way to settle this war, right?