It could be out of a movie, but it was real life. Recorded from a helicopter, a woman was caught in a wild high-speed chase in Bexar County, Texas, USA. And she had a baby in the back seat of her car.

The footage, released by Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), shows a woman fleeing from arrest in her SUV. She crashes into another vehicle at a crowded intersection, pulls the baby out and jumps into the front seat of a passing vehicle.

Of course, it ended with her being arrested after all. And, as the video shows, the driver of the car the woman jumped into also got the full treatment from the police.

DPS Officials in Bexar County announced that the woman already had an outstanding warrant for arrest and was charged with endangering a child, evading arrest and possessing a controlled substance. The baby is now in the hands of Child Protective Services.