Finding a way to get done with homework quickly is something everyone has tried at some point in their school years. A six-year-old in New Jersey tried to do the same with a little help of technology but was hilariously caught in the act by his mother.

When Yerelyn Cueva posted a clip of her son Jariel asking Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa to solve a math question for him on Twitter, social media users were very impressed by his creativity.

Cueva told the New York Post that they brought Alexa only one week before she caught him using it to cheat on his homework. “The funny thing is that math is actually his favourite subject,” she said. “I was surprised because he knows this stuff. He was just being lazy. Taking a shortcut.”

“What you don’t see is after he says, ‘Thank you, Alexa, for helping me with my homework,’” Cueva added.