The release of Netflix’s Bird Box brought with it a flood of memes and a dangerous challenge on the internet. But the references and jokes don’t seemed to have stopped there. The popularity of the movie and the blindfold worn by Sandra Bullock’s character also inspired some hilarious parodies.

In a sketch on his late night show on Monday, Jimmy Fallon roped in Mean Girls star Lindsey Lohan and members of the in-house band, The Roots, to parody the film in its cold open. Fallon and the band are blindfolded as they try to avoid the “thing” they are not supposed to be looking at. As it turned out, they do end up confronting the danger they were avoiding – a dancing Lindsey Lohan.

While Fallon’s parody involved celebrity cameos, two mothers created their own, equally funny version. Leanne Dearing and Michelle Fortin put on blindfolds to avoid seeing the mess their children created around their houses in a parody titled Mom Box. Their motto: “Don’t look – if you don’t see it, you don’t have to clean it.”