At least 37 Central Reserve Police Force personnel were killed in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Thursday after a Jaish-e-Mohammad militant drove an explosive-laden vehicle into a convoy.

In the aftermath, social media users soon began suggesting ways to deal with the the terror strike. YouTube satirist Akash Banerjee posted a video on Thursday night in response, listing the ten traps that Indians usually fall into after an attack and must avoid.

Banerjee’s list includes calling for war against Pakistan and asking for a surgical strike. After the last surgical strike, an operation that requires large amounts of planning, Banerjee says, Pakistan would be better prepared to deal with any retaliation from India. The solution lies not in a surgical strike, he suggests, but an economic one.

In the video, Banerjee also says it’s important not to start blaming certain religions and communities or to fall prey to demands for shutting water supply to Pakistan, explaining that “terrorists who blow up their kids as suicide bombers do not really care if civilians die”. As a mature democracy, Banerjee says “we cannot respond to terror with terror”.

A proper solution, Banerjee says, will take time and it is important that Indians avoid divisive attempts at this moment and remain united.