Celebrations for the five-day festival which marks the run-up to the Christian observance period of Lent have begun in Brazil. People in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro can be seen partying on the streets.

This is the first such celebration to take place in Brazil since far-right President Jair Bolsonaro was elected in October 2018. Bolsonaro is known to have offended the LGBT community and the minorities in the country, and it was expected that the celebrations would target him for this.

As reported by the Daily Mail, at Carmelitas – one of Rio’s traditional street parties – the people wore blue and pink clothes and sang along a Samba song titled Blue or Pink It’s All the Same. Damares Alves, the human rights minister in Bolsonaro’s cabinet had said, “It’s a new era in Brazil, boys wear blue and girls wear pink,” soon after she had assumed office.