Brexit and dancing seem to have a rather odd connection. After British Prime Minister Theresa May showed off some impromptu moves onstage during the Conservative Party conference in 2018, BBC’s This Week host Andrew Neil promised to “not stop dancing till Britain leaves the European Union”, as promised by the 2016 Brexit referendum.

At the end of the March 14 episode of This Week, Neil concluded the show by saying, “Nighty night, don’t let our Brexit dance-athon bite. Yes, we are promising not to stop dancing until we leave.” Neil was joined by journalist and former member of Parliament for the Conservative Party Michael Portillo and member of Parliament for Labour Party Liz Kendall.

While no one exactly seems to know the reason behind this unusual way of showing support, the act has provided fodder on social media for an animated discussion on the state of politics in the UK.

Neil picked reggae as the choice of music to show off the much-debated dance moves.

The show This Week will be taken off air after its current season ends, when Andrew Neil will step down from the position of its host.

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Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union by March 29, but Parliament has rejected PM Theresa May’s proposals for the exit, as well as the proposal to leave without a deal. On March 15, members of the British Parliament voted 413-202 in favour of delaying Britain’s exit from the Union by up to three months.