We can all agree that getting slapped in the face repeatedly is not something anyone would sign up for willingly – unless of course you’re participating in a “slapping championship,” which is apparently a real thing.

“Male Slapping Championships” were held over the weekend in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, and the rules were pretty simple: Two men stand in front of each other across a table and slap each other until one of them concedes. According to the Moscow Times, the contest was a part of the Siberian Power Show sports festival.

At the end of the vicious fight, the winner got to take home a prize of 30,000 rubles (a little over Rs 32,000). This year, Vasiliy Kamotskiy emerged victorious and a video of him (above) taking part in one of the matches went viral.

In case you’re courageous enough to watch it, here are a few highlights of the championship.