A biopic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, starring Vivek Oberoi in the titular role, has dominated the news cycle since the Election Commission issued notice to the makers of the film and the BJP after the Opposition demanded that its release be postponed till after the Lok Sabha elections. The makers of PM Narendra Modi have since told the EC that the film has nothing to do with the BJP.

Ahead of its slated release date on April 5, one week before the elections begin, comedian and satirist Cyrus Broacha released an “interview” with Oberoi, who reportedly went to great lengths to prepare for the film.

In the amusing spoof interview, the actor (barely) answered questions about the process behind getting into character and the training he had to undergo for the role. (Spoiler alert: it involved hanging from a chopper with one hand.)

In the segment for his show The News That Wasn’t, Broacha clearly used footage of Oberoi’s answers from another interview, which somehow made the perfect responses to all the questions he asked. And although the spoof showed Oberoi as being reluctant to answer if he had met Modi in person, it did reveal that he was not a fan of his hugs.