A hilarious video of a robot standing up for itself after being pushed and harassed in a warehouse has the internet in splits.

The pitiable robot, apparently in training, seems to be the victim of some sort of a brutal ragging ritual. Hit with cartons and hockey sticks, made to play donkey in the middle, the robot even serves cupcakes – before a sudden twist in the tale!

Titled New Robots Now Fight Back, the video is a creation of Los Angeles based studio, Corridor Digital and – sorry, terminator fans – does not feature an actual robot! It has been created using clever computer-generated graphics, as the makers explain in this video.


Modelled on Atlas, one of the creations of Massachusetts engineering and robotics design company, Boston Dynamics, the Corridor Digital video is especially believable because of its similarities to the actual testing videos Boston Digital makes.

Take a look at this video featuring Spot, the company’s quadrupedal robot, a mechanical take on man’s best friend.


The video even bears a fake Boston Digital watermark, Bosstown Digital!

At six feet, Atlas is a bipedal humanoid robot, as it is called, and was developed by Boston Dynamics in collaboration with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for a variety of search and rescue tasks. It was unveiled to the public in 2013, and since then has been one of the most popular visual references for robots.

Meanwhile, Spot, the company’s first public offering, is in the last stages of testing and will reportedly be available on the market by the end of this year. While it is still unclear how much the commercial robot will cost, Spot will reportedly have customisable capabilities: from being able to scan and map terrain to fetching objects and opening doors.

Spot, like most good dogs, can even dance!